Untouchable Packaging

Portland based Hovercraft created some outstanding packaging for the Vapor Untouchable.

Nike Football asked them to create a limited package for their most technically advanced football boot. The package was sent to Texas’ top sixteen high school teams as an invitation to an exclusive event.

The package is secured with a belly band, and the two angular flaps are secured http://healthsavy.com/product/ambien/ together with hidden magnets. An acrylic panel with a screen printed invitation to the event covers the metallic silver cleats. The interior of the box is reflective silver foil, with an info card inset into the bottom of the box. We achieved ultimate shine with this one.

nike-untouchable-box-1-1200x800 nike-untouchable-box-2-1200x800 nike-untouchable-box-7-1200x800 nike-untouchable-box-8-1200x800 nike-untouchable-box-9-1200x800 nike-untouchable-box-10-1200x800 nike-untouchable-shoe-2-1200x800

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    i want the template can’t??

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