adidas Viper Pack

Today marks the launch of the sleek and brand new adidas Viper pack, and TMG were kindly sent the pair to review.

In the highly successful Ace and X ranges, the two new pairs of boots combine clean yet eerie greens and greys taking aesthetics from a viper snakes scale patterns – queue many puns about being the snake in the grass or Fabian Delph being the face of the ad campaign.

The adidas Ace 16+ PureControl Viper Pack & Adidas X 16+ PureChaos Viper Pack both come solely in synethic, keeping them extremely lightweight. The textured surface area lends itself well to the scaley aesthetic, giving maximum control and grip. Of course here at TMG we took a design lead approach and so snakeskin boots were the perfect piece of high football fashion to review. The soles of the boots actually lead the aesthetic over the reptile pattern, complementing the colour ways with dark greys and an almost creamy green. You’d be forgiven for assuming they glow in the dark, but out of context they’re a lot less flashy, and a lot more classy than you’d expect. The Ace 16+’s are not too far from the blackout space pack in their impressive bold stature, and the lighter flecks only make them that little bit more special and cool.

The X 16+’s are the flashier, sexier and more venomous (if you will) of the two. The sleek and rounder shape combined with the sturdier extended heel support make them powerful looking for such a light boot. The metallic scales on the “PureChaos” are contrasted with green/off white sole that scream deft touch striker rather than hoofing centreback. The absent tri-stripe of the X-pack is instead replaced with an embossed matt logo on the outside side foot, topping off the clean and reduced design to perfection.

It’s likely we’ll see these debuted over the season’s first international break with them becoming available online from the 2nd September.

More content to come. Watch this space…


adidasfootball_ViperPack_Ace_01 adidasfootball_ViperPack_Ace_02 adidasfootball_ViperPack_X_01 adidasfootball_ViperPack_X_02

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