Tap In Guide

As the second games of the UCL group stage start, we’re heading back to our old favourite app Tap In.

Having rebranded and become more sleek than ever for the Champions League, the creation of designers and developers Mike Arney, Curt Baker and Clint McMahon is a must have. It’s compatible online and on your phone, and combines clean user interface with thoughtful content. It provides match guides on the context and history of the upcoming games without cluttering the screen and obstructing the information you need. It even regularly updates with a stunning photography section from the most recent games.

Tap In, pun aside, is a refreshing change to the clutter of apps, websites and tweets normally used for pre and post match info. An interesting new feature also provides a league table in between CL games based on current domestic league form.

Be sure to check them out prior to this weeks games and keep an eye on them for many competitions to come…


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