Sheffield Football Stories

Football Stories is an exhibition and publication created by Dr David Forrest of the University of Sheffield, John Gelder of Eleven Design and photographer Gemma Thorpe.

“Sheffield is home to the world’s oldest football club, the world’s oldest football derby and the oldest football trophy, many of the game’s laws were established in the city, and Arthur Wharton, the world’s first black professional footballer, played for Sheffield United. Sheffield is a football city.”

The latter is an extract from the intro written by Dr David Forrest in the book Football Stories. Originally an exhibition running for the Festival Of Mind is now available to purchase in publication format, one of which was kindly sent into The Modern Game.

The project documents photo interviews with 7 different subjects spanning all aspects of football in the Sheffield community. It seeks to explore whether the game its losing its soul at the lower levels as money takes over the top. The answer they found was no, football is as much about the pleasures and routine as it ever was. Without giving too much away, we’d highly recommend you look into the project to see more of their conclusion.

The book itself is a large magazine like publication extremely strong in photography, and with flashes of exciting typography and a strong editorial approach which really bridges the connection with high end football and the community. Subjects include women’s football, Blades supporters, junior teams and much more. Explore more on the site;


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