Season Annual

Season Annual is a printed book commemorating each Premier League season collated and designed by 3 designers with a passion for the game.

The book, in it’s inaugural year is a football fan/designers dream, showcasing a fantastic array of illustration, infographics, typography and editorial design. Launched in June as the season came to a finish, designers Charlie Sims, Sam Smith and Josh Williams picked the perfect year to found their enviable idea after one of the most memorable Premier League seasons to date. The three of them along with 36 illustrators and 2 journalists helped to make the idea come to life.

“The format of the book is broken down into weekly sections, which we analyse as 38 rounds of events. Each matchday we have a full write up on the game of that week, with an illustration of the man of that match. We also illustrate the biggest moment and best goal of that week, as well as curating a best team of that week and visualising a relevant statistic.”

See spreads and extracts from the book below, plus head over to their website to find out more and where you can buy the first edition.


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