Pickles #13

Everyone’s favourite football mag Pickle’s is back with it’s 13th issue, taking a new smaller but fatter model. 

In 1966, a few months before England’s triumphant world cup success, the Jules Rimet trophy went missing from London. 7 days later, it turned up in a man named David Corbett’s garden, sniffed out by his trusty dog Pickles. That hero of the football world went on to have a magazine named after him telling the greatest stories in the game and its surrounding culture.

“Featuring 10 articles, two photo essays, more than 20 original artworks, a fashion feature, an interview with Will Hughes, and loads more. Pickles returns with a new format, more pages and a more compact size, but still packing a punch; think N’golo Kante’s work rate x Eric Cantona’s mercurial swagger. 
Issue 13 includes stories on ‘The Italian Art Of Goalkeeping’ by Matthew Gault, the tragic tale of Luciano Re Cecconi and the death of ‘BANTS’ by Daniel Brierley, and ‘The Anatomy Of Oranje’s Misfortune’ by Priya Ramesh. Italian artist, Gio Pastori, is the man responsible for the issue’s cover artwork.”
Check out some of the beautiful spreads below and be sure to head over to the Pickles site to buy a copy before they’re all gone.
Pickles-13-Mock-Cover-Clean Pickles13-Spread1 Pickles13-Spread11 Pickles13-Spread12 Pickles13-Spread14 Pickles13-Spread15 Pickles13-Spread3 Pickles13-Spread4 Pickles13-Spread9

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