La Tournée du Trophée

Studio Bolland of South Africa (funnily enough) were commissioned to produce the 3d renderings and motion graphics for Euro 2016.

 In line with the competitions colourful and busy branding, the animations follow the theme sticking roughly to a tricolore colour palette and bright components moving in all directions. It’s exciting and fast paced, steering well away from any minimalistic and clean design which fits the bill perfectly to serve a continent aesthetically.

These images and motion graphics come from the teams Behance profile, and also shows a few process shots of the 3D renderings. It’s interesting to see the ins and outs of such global but less talked about graphic campaigns.

More on www.studiobolland.com

Euro 2016 – La Tournée du Trophée from Studio Bolland on Vimeo.

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