Ernest Desumbila

Since creating the viral campaign, “There Will Be Haters” for Adidas, Ernest Desumbila has become the Director of choice for football’s sporting brands.

Based in Barcelona, currently one of the Directors at Sauvage TV, which is not only “the biggest animation studio but the hypest”, Ernest has directed a series of viral hits which include; Puma’s ‘Greizmann Hotline’, Nike’s ‘Neymar Jr Mixtape’ and Adidas ‘There Will Be Haters’, featuring Antoine Griezmann Lionel Messi and Gareth Bale. Ernest’s previous career as a graphic designer continues to influence and direct his film making. He successfully merges the skills of animation, illustration and photography. His desire and passion works in harmony not only with the brand but the players too; each sharing the same goal. With these impressive campaigns, Desumbila will continue to dominate the creative media field in the seasons to come.

Check below some images from his videos which are currently to be found on his studio’s website.



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