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Alex J. Brown is a celebrated commercial designer previously working at SEA and Pentagram who spends his spare time applying his design skills to his love of football.

His work for Eastbourne Town F.C. is a breath of fresh air in the football world, with it’s contemporary nature and low profile context making you double take. Although we’d wanted to feature Brown’s work for a while, his online presence is notably elusive and so all the images below come from his curated and highly aesthetic black and white Instagram account. A browse through his seemingly solitude outlet gives an insight into his passion for football, dotted amongst his successful and impressive graphic design career. There is a clear interest in social issues, with many flags fighting for equality documented, as well as die hard crowds from a number of non league clubs. Although it’s obvious his true love is West Ham Utd, it’s fantastic to see a designer giving back to the game through low profile club and it’s visual presence. Programmes, posters, badges, stickers and even a clean and simplistic new website (eastbournetown.com) are just a few of his contributions to Eastbourne Town F.C. which can be viewed below and on his Instagram account.

Keep your eye out for Eastbourne’s new look in the future, and Alex’s continuously brilliant commercial work across the world.


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One response to “Eastbourne Town FC – Alex Brown”

  1. Kevin Tee says:

    Alex is a legend here. His artwork and ‘Pier Pressure’ have brought a new lease of life to a step 5 club whose support is growing all the time. Something’s happening on the south coast, watch this space.

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