Dundalk Double

Irish football doesn’t hit the headlines too often, but Dundalk FC’s double last season is here commemorated by their local studio, Grandson.

Having worked with the club before, Grandson were recruited once more after a history making season for the Irish Champions who bagged the FAI cup simultaneously. The book is a strong editorial approach proudly displaying the Dundalk colours and strong imagery captured through the fantastic 2015 season. Typographically mixing the bold football type it represents along side a more elegant serif typeface illustrates the pride and finesse of Dundalks season.

See spreads below and follow the link to their website to see more of Grandson’s process and work.


dfc_digital_spread_0 dfc_digital_spread_1 dfc_digital_spread_6 dfc_digital_spread_21 dfc_digital_spread_36 dfc_digital_spread_37 dfc_digital_spread_38 dfc_digital_spread_42 dundalk-fc_-the-double_-case-study-images_-4 dundalk-fc_-the-double_-case-study-images_-19

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