DixonBaxi redesign PL’s TV Experience

Creative agency DixonBaxi. have been brought in to enhance Design Studio‘s PL rebrand to create the ultimate TV experience.

The studio, renowned for their game changing work particularly in sports media design have designed many aspects of the Premier League experience including a “Field of Play” Graphic System and Motion Play, an Augmented Reality experience, branding for global programmes and even an official Premier League Soundtrack!

“We’ve designed and created a radical new TV experience for the world’s most watched league. Titles, in-match graphics, augmented-reality, touch-screen, studio graphics, all united by a unique ‘Field of Play’ motion behaviour and an epic, official Premier League soundtrack. Changing the game for over 2 billion fans around the world. Football will never be the same.”

Combining slick and modern typography along with seamless animation of Design Studio’s brightly coloured branding, the work is really exciting and brings a whole new life to programmes such as Fanzone, Preview, Review, Matchday Live – the main show which fronts every game, Fantasy League Football, News, Match Pack and more. Here at TMG we are really excited.

To get a bit more insight we spoke to co-founder Aporva Baxi;

Hi Aporva, How exciting was it for you and the studio to have the Premier League on your client roster? Are you a big football fan? If so who do you support?

Getting the opportunity to work with Premier League was a major win. As you know, it’s the most watched football league in the world and the whole DB team was fully charged by the challenge and responsibility to create an awesome, immersive experience for fans around the world. There are many in the DB team that have football in their blood – super passionate, and those that weren’t, have been converted. So that added to the ambition and enjoyment of the work and the chance to make something unique in the world of sports brands. What’s not to like!


The standout feature of your new work is the Soundtrack, just because we don’t have anything like that currently and don’t know what to expect. How was this to work on from a design perspective? When will it be introduced?

When we pitched for the work, we created an ’emotion film’ to capture the spirit of Premier League around the world. And the energy and scale of the music played a huge part in that. So, we knew from the start that creating a brave, original soundtrack would be essential for the new bold brand identity. One that felt global, had scale but also human over electronic. Above all, to get people excited and up out of their seats.When we design for motion, and in this case, a TV experience, audio is very much part of the process. So we were finding reference music and writing the brief for it in collaboration with Premier League and Design Studio.

Our long-standing partnership with Massive Music (who worked with us on the audio for Eurosport) led us to choose them to help develop the global, human and celebratory anthem. It’s a 2 minute track [much of it you can hear on the Brand Film above] which is then remixed to reflect the content and tone of the different shows and titles. One thing we’re really excited about is that it will be the ‘walk-on’ music played in the stadiums before each match. So we’ll be hearing it lot!


The Premier League is the biggest in the world, and a lot of coverage in England is bid for by the likes of Sky and BT. Did this mean you had to consider foreign markets a great deal for the designs?

Over 60% of our work and clients are international, so we are familiar with creating experiences for global audiences. In this case, it is about building on the distinct new brand for Premier League and letting people know what they stand for. But, yes, it has to inspire people fans everywhere and invite new ones to reappraise Premier League and above all to enjoy the game. Some shows like Fanzone and World feature real fans who text and call in from all over the world so we have footage from Premier League Productions and some we managed to shoot ourselves in the mix. Bringing an international authenticity at the right points.

Watching football comes in many different formats and is constantly changing and improving. Did you have to look and plan ahead for the future when considering your approach? The Augmented Reality features sound very exciting.

As a studio we continually look for those future forward ideas that can enhance an experience. However, it’s a balance between future and familiar – retaining the things we all know and work, but making it better where we can through innovation. The conceptual approach to motion with the ‘Field of Play’ creates an ownable way to deliver information. This was considered across all platforms and in the studio for the AR as much as the touch-screen aspects. We worked with Deltatre who are world-class in implementing these systems to help us align our ideas with what is possible. We’ll see more technology to support and enhance the game – that’s the way it should be – experience and emotion first with the tech making that possible.


Did you have a working relationship with DesignStudio for the project?

We hadn’t worked with Design Studio before this. But, of course knew of each other and have mutual respect for the work we all do. It was great to collaborate at key points in the process and we enjoyed challenging them and the brand as much as they did us. Projects like this require different teams to come together to make it happen. That can only work if everyone is passionate and driven to make the best work. This project felt like that.

What are you most excited about going forward with this? And what should us viewers be most excited about?

It’s that there is a real commitment to transform the Premier League and create the most exciting, inclusive, vibrant experience possible. It’s bold, brave and better for the fans, players, teams and the game. With the truly exciting events of last season, this one should prove to be even better. A new look, a new experience, a new ambition – it’s all to play for.

Thanks Aporva for chatting to us.
All will be introduced this season and can be previewed in the pictures and videos below. 

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