Colt x adidas

London based design agency Colt has worked with adidas in creating a packaging solution for Manchester United’s new kit.

In the months leading up to the official launch Colt were asked to consider a packaging solution for a VIP list of early recipients that would add another dimension of to the grand unveiling.

A trident device and dotted ‘M’ pattern had been created for the #BreakExpectations campaign. The resulting packaging is formed of two main parts, a slipcase and hinged box. Tactile paper
lining is silky to the touch while red, white and black metallic foils create further levels of texture by contrasting the finish of the stock.

Once the slipcase is removed the shirt is housed in a black foam tray which is partially hidden by a die-cut page, sewn into the magnetic fastening device that seals the box.

landscpaper_01 landscpaper_02 landscpaper_04 main_image square_01

2 responses to “Colt x adidas”

  1. Gary says:

    This is beautiful. How do I get my hands on it?!

  2. theutd says:

    This is amazing! Stylish minimalism.

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