Amateur Dutch Derbies – Willem De Kam

Willem De Kam is a Dutch photographer based in Rotterdam.

With an impressive and diverse portfolio that ranges from landscapes to portraits and many different subjects, there is a clear interest in football and the people surrounding the game. Having been featured on the likes of Soccerbible, De Kam’s portfolio is well worth checking out via the link at the bottom, but here we take a look at the fantastically vibrant and encapsulating “Dutch Amateur Derbies”. The snapshots of passionate grassroots football in the most scenic beautiful backgrounds leave you staring at each photo for a lengthy period. The photos are so full of colour, you can almost feel the excitement and atmosphere at each of the events. It’s interesting to see the setting and following of lower league dutch football, something which wouldn’t normally make its way into the media. It’s also refreshing and stark contrast to the gloomy grey pictures of British lower leagues that we often see publicised.

Keep an eye out for more of Willem De Kam in the future.


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